Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Travel Through the MC Road in Kerala is Really Adventurous

The MC road or the Main Central Road is one of the oldest routes in Kerala which extends from from Angamaly to Thiruvananthapuram. The road connects some of the major cities in Kerala such as Angamaly, Perumbavoor, Muvattupuzha, Kottayam, Thiruvalla, Chengannur, Pandalam, Adoor, Kottarakkara,  Kilimanoor adn Thiruvananthapuram. This road passes through the Travancore region of Kerala and is designated as SH1 by Kerala PWD (Public Works Department).

 The road witnesses a huge amount of traffic every day and is expected to maintain high quality. But since the monsoon arrived in Kerala, all the major roads got deteriorated with huge gutters, making the life of travelers more difficult. Same was the case with the so called MC road as most of the major regions suffered from this gutter mania. Before the monsoon, traveling along the MC road was like an icing on the cake, but things have turned upside down after the rainy season started in Kerala.

 Recently I had the opportunity to travel from Thiruvalla to Angamaly along the MC road and I expected a smooth ride. But I was shocked to find out about the bad state of the MC road. It really felt like traveling on a camel back due to the presence of regular gutters and continuous shaking of my car. Usually it won't take you more than 3 hours to cover the distance, but this time it took around more than 4 hours. By the time I reached Angamaly, I was really tired and developed severe back ache.

 I am still wondering what the authorities are doing or planning to do in getting these gutters fixed. This is one of the major road route in Kerala and still it is filled with gutter and poor infrastructure, which is causing a large number of accidents every day.

 Another instance of poor road infrastructure is the bumps that are constructed in the roads which is meant to slow down the speeding cars. Actually such type of bumps should be colored differently in white paints so that once can identify these bumps while driving at a good speed on these roads. They can also put some type of reflectors on the bump to make it visible for the drivers. But nothing is in place and as a result most of the drivers break into these bump unexpectedly resulting in unwanted anxiety and worries.

 Hope that Kerala government would atleast take care in these things so that we can make our journey much more enjoyable and accident free.


Anonymous said...

if u r interested in adventure drives...
please just travel through mc road

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